Version Release Date Logs
3.0.0 2019-11-11 Official Beta release of new SSL check tool.
New UI Design.
The service is now available as an API.
The Service now factors more parameters during evaluation.
Many new browser simulations have been added.
Service now supports testing TLS connection on FTPs, IMAPs, XMPPs and POP3s protocols.
2.1.9 2018-05-13 Added ability to check vulnerability against ROBOT attacks.
Changes to the UI.
2.1.8 2017-05-03 Made changes to rating system.
Changes to evaluation mechanism for DES ciphers. (CVE-2016-2183)
2.1.7 2017-02-27 Optimize UI for all devices.
Better evaluation mechanism for Forward Secrecy.
2.1.6 2016-09-03 Added printable report feature.
2.1.5 2016-08-15 Ability to check certificate type (Wildcard or Single Domain.)
Check validation type for the certificate.
Added 'Feature Request' page.
2.1.4 2016-08-07 Added administration console.
2.1.3 2016-07-24 Added feature to aquire and check full chain for services which do not provide full trust chain.
2.1.2 2016-07-20 Added 'Versions' page.
Added links to relevant information about the tests.
2.1.1 2016-07-13 Fix for minor bug with validating trust of certificate issuer.
Check certificate's wildcard validation state for domain without prefix.
2.1.0 2016-07-03 Added ability to check different IP addresses corresponding to the same domain.
Added ability to check TLS/SSL on mail service protocols.
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